Institute Management System

KP-STVEThas developed a comprehensive software based management System which is comprising of eight (08) modules.

Vehicle Management

This module provide complete information about all the vehicles on the inventory of KP-STVET, which include vehicles usage, maintenance details, fuel consumption expenditure on vehicles and health of every vehicle through analysis report.

Inventory Management

This is a complete inventory management System which provide all possible information of the items on the inventory of the KP-STVET which include items pictures, part number, serial number, make, model, unit issue, date of purchase and issue / receipt, quantity, location, transfer or on loan to other institutes / Department, current status (serviceable / Un-serviceable, beyond economical repair, salvage / auctionable etc).

On line Procurement

This module is for online procurement which included demand generation, approvals, price comparison. Data collected under this software will be a base for scaling and standardization of items and training material purchase, receipt and brought on charge (BoC) action, last purchases prices of the item.


Facial recognition attendance devices with thumb impression facility have been installed in all the institutes. Required information regarding attendance of staff and students are recorded / displayed in control room and on cell phones of the key staff as well.

Students Management

This is a comprehensive Trainee Tracking System which enables management to review and monitor the student performance, training activities and training process.

Human Resource Management

This module maintains the following information regarding all employees.
Category (I, II & III as defined on the basis of qualification and performance)

Employee Personal Information Employee Educational Information Employee Bank Information Employee Joining Date Employee Contract Expiry Employee Posting / Transfer History Employee Promotion History Employee Disciplinary Actions Details Employee Training History Employee Leave History
Salary Management

This module comprehensively mange the salary system which includes salary disbursement allowances, history and increment etc.

Financial Management

All the financial activities have been automated at Head Office and institutes level which include budget estimates, funds allocation releases payments, committed amount and balances, General Ledger, Payment/ Receipt Voucher, Bank Statement, Petty Cash Ledger, Head wise daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenditure statements.


These are the summarized info of KP-STVET







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